For participating students

Here you can find a short overview of all the necessary information about the challenge structure.


The Food 4 Health and Safety Challenge  is a course built on the principles of  challenge-based learningThis 20 week 7,5 ECT challenge starts in February 2021.



You have been distributed into an interdisciplinary team of 4-7 students which will be a mix of curious and motivated people complementary in experience, team role and academic background. This requires you to collaborate and you can learn with and from each other.  Throughout the challenge you will receive coaching on the project, as well as on your personal development. You will also be provided with a student assistant who will act as a mentor to your team. During the course you will be able to ask any questions or mention any concerns you might have about the group work to your student-mentor. 

You can find the contact information of your teammembers, coaches, and mentors in your private channel in the Food 4 Health and Safety course on MS Teams. 


(online) learning community

There are three different online platforms to help you through this Challenge, they are: 

MS Teams  

MS teams will be the main space for the synchronous activities during our course. All the events, webinars, online sessions with experts, office hours with the coordinator, communications with your coach, mentor and among your team members will be facilitated via MS Teams.  Each team will have its own channel and can also make use of the features provided. They can make use of the common folder of documents for collaborations etcetera.  

You will be able to add the course to your MS Teams using the code provided to you in an email. 

If you are unsure of how MS Teams works, how you can download it, or how you can add the course you can use this manual.

Innovative Learning Platform (ILP)  

All your educational materials relevant to the content of the challenge and your personal learning track is found on the Innovative Learning Platform .  You can log on to this platform using your Solis-ID and password. You can find the platform here


Scorion is a secure portfolio tool used for  testing in the education of students and professionals. On this platform you can digitally fill out forms regarding feedback on your team and individual products, you can use it to request input from an expert or a coach and view your own progress during the course.  You can find the platform here


To enter onto the platforms you will need a valid Solis-ID, if you do not already possess one you will receive an automatically generated email with which you can create one. 


If you have any questions about how to access the platforms, you can always email IT-support at Challenge-Support@uu,nl

If you have any general questions regarding the challenge, you can first ask your mentor.

If you have any complex questions or any personal issues regarding the course you can ask them during the coordinator’s office hours, which will be every week from 10:00-11:00 on Tuesday via MS Teams. 


Deadlines and important dates

You will be able to find the student timetable and the most important deadlines on the Innovative Learning Platform (ILP).