Food 4 health and safety challenge

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Students from TU/e, UU. UMCU and WUR, we challenge YOU to join this 7,5 ECTS course where you, and your multidisciplinary team design a food concept for the Dutch Military. Solve a real-live problem while working on your personal and professional skills.

We are looking for students in the fields of Natural and Life Sciences, Agricultural Sciences, Food Technology, Social Sciences, Engineering and Technology, Humanities and Economics. So, we need creative-thinkers, bridge builders, team leaders and other!

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The Challenge

Next to excellent equipment and proper training, food plays a crucial role in well-being of The Dutch armed forces. When on mission and during the exercise operations they need to withstand many physical and mental challenges.

From a unique collaboration we are looking for a new food concept for military on training and missions. Your challenge is to design a concept that is sustainable, and satisfactory to the military, and suits with the food-requirements set by the Ministry of Defence. You are working in a real-life problem touching on the fields of logistics, sustainability, design, experience, and health.

About the challenge

Join the course, and solve a real-life problem with peers from TU/e, UU, UMCU and WUR. In addition, earn 7.5 ECTS!

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11 weeks of online and 4 face to face activities

The challenge starts in February 2021 and consists of 4 events, that take place over the course of 11 weeks. Each event will take place at a different location throughout the Netherlands, from 09:00 - 21:00!

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Involved partners

Food 4 Health and Safety is a unique collaboration between Eindhoven University of Technology, Utrecht University, and Wageningen University and Research. The challenge is provided and supported by the Ministry of Defence, and the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy.

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Want to join as an expert, coach or partner? Want to collaborate with the Alliance Universities and the Ministry of Defence and get inspired by out of the box ideas?

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