Frequently Asked Questions about the F4HS Challenge.

The registration

I am selected to participate in this course, will the challenge be approved in my study programme?

I got approval by the exam committe, how can I register myself?

What is the course code?

The Challenge

How many hours are we expected to work on this challenge? Can you combine this challenge with other courses?

Will the Challenge go on despite the current Covid-19 situation?

Is it required to be at all the events? And are the workshops scheduled at set times?

Can you fail this challenge or do you always receive 7,5 ECTS?

It seems like a very big concept to develop, is it the idea to tackle one or a few perspectives or the whole concept?

Does working in interdisciplinary teams mean that every group member focusses on their own field or do you also have to think about the aspects you do not have (yet) any knowledge about?

I feel like a 'proof of concept' inherently means you must have a prototype, otherwise your concept isn't proved, right?